Monday, July 28, 2008

Brothers Reunited!

I'm sure you all remember my blogs about the 2 boys who were living on the streets - Gaspar and Zacarius.  Gaspar is living here at the center.  Zacarius was taken back home by his father only to run away again and live on the streets for a couple of months before he would all me to take him back to his mom.  Since taking Zacarius home, Brooke (my amazing friend from New Zealand who works here at the center with me) and I have been going to visit him every couple of weeks.  Last week, when we went to visit, we took Gaspar with us.  It was so cute to watch him reunite with his brother after not having seen him for months!  Gaspar enjoyed seeing his family so much that he wants to spend a weekend with them.  I'm going to take him this Saturday and pick him up again Sunday afternoon.  Hopefully these visits will become more and more regular and in a few months, their mom will be able to have both of her boys back at home with her!!!

This is a family portrait:  Gaspar, Zacarius, their mom, and DoDo, their baby brother.

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The Petersons said...


I am the Graphic Designer for Church of The Way in Lawrenceville, GA. I went on your blog to see if I could find a photo that I could use for our weekly worship guide/bulletin (we frequently put a blurb in there about supporting your mission work). I just wanted to say I found more than just a photo, but a very inspirational story of your life and the amazing work God is doing through you.

May blessings continue to flow through you and in you. With prayers and thanksgiving for the work you are doing,

~Kathy Peterson