Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Heart.

Gregg Hampton, at the Vine UMC, put this video together about my ministry.


Laura said...

Sarah! That was fantastic! What a blessing someone made soemthing so eleoquent and simpl to ilustrate oyur eat! ok, please excure the typos, i'mmn a sleeping pill and not awake yet, althought it's 6;30 am! I am exicted for wjat lies ahead for you and can't wait to help in ways that ai possib;e can!
Love you, and MISS you! I didn't know who to call when I arrived in AFrica last night!

Missy Jacob said...

Wow that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing the love of Christ. It is so wonderful to see it enrich the lives of those children and see the love continue to flow through our eyes as we see you do so.