Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prayer Requests As I Return

I am less than a week away from returning to Mozambique! Here are some things you can pray about for me as i return:

* I'll be looking for an apartment in the city with my friend Besty. I would love a 3 bedroom place so that we have an extra room for guests. Pray we find an affordable place quickly.

* Pray that I will get connected to other Christians living in the city.

* I am still lacking a little in support for the year. Pray that God will provide all that I need.

* Pray for my Portuguese!

* I will start working with Masana, the project for street kids, a week or so after I return. Pray that the Lord will give me creative ideas of how I'm to be involved with the boys.

*More and more, I'm realizing how important the childhood years are in shaping how we view God. Pray I will be a great reflection of the Father's love to these boys.


skoots1mom said...

we will be praying for u...
thank you for sharing with us at Lawrenceville are fulfilling a special place in the lives of those kids!
We'll keep up on your webpage...

sebren said...

praying for you and can't wait to minister along side you this summer . . . thanks for the time of fellowship while you were here in GA. theVine will continue to lift you up!