Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Masana Prayer Requests

Masana will reopen after our holidays on January 25. Here are a few things I'd love for y'all to pray about as we begin a new year!

* Pray that any new boys on the street will feel welcome at Masana.

* At times there are problems at Masana between the older and younger boys. Pray for Masana to be a place of peace where the problems from the street can be forgotten. Pray for God to transform the hearts of the older boys and that they will begin caring for a protecting the younger ones.

* Pray for the boys as we begin teaching basic literacy and mathematics. Many of them come in with no knowledge of how to read or write. Pray for their ability to learn.

* Pray for the health of the boys. Life on the streets is harsh and their bodies are often weak because of poor nutrition.

* Pray for protection over the boys. There is a good deal of violence and robbery among the adults and kids on the streets. Pray also for protection from those who would seek to abuse the boys.

* Pray for protection from AIDS and that the boys would not ignore the risk of sexual activity and drug use.

* The boys often get caught up in small theft to make money on the street. Pray for conviction.

* Pray for salvation and for true transformation in their lives as they hear the Word of God. Pray that the Holy Sprit will make Himself known to them in creative ways.

* Pray for hope to be restored. We have a handful of boys who have been on the streets for 3 or more years with no desire to return home. Pray God will do a work in their lives and reveal to them the plans and purposes He has for their lives.

* Pray for boys to grasp the value of family. We want to see lots of them come to the decision to leave life on the street and return to their families. Pray also for the finances to help all that want to go back home (About $500 per a boy to buy clothes, basic necessities, school fees and supplies, and start up a small business).

* Pray for the boys that do go back home....that they will transition back to life in the community. Pray against the temptation to return to the streets. Also, pray that they will find a solid church in their communities to continue growing in the Lord.

* Pray for the Masana staff as we seek the Lord on how to care for and minister to the street boys. Pray for us to be filled with more and more of the Father's love for the boys.

* Pray for creative ways to teach the boys about the heart of the Father.

* Pray for our director, Pastor Paulo, and his wife. They are expecting their first child soon.

* Masana has 6 Mozambicans on staff and one missionary (that's me!). Pray for God's provision in each of our lives.

* Pray for vision as Masana grows. Pray for God's strategy to be revealed as we help the street boys.

* Pray for continued provision for all of Masana's financial needs.

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Big Jen said...

Praying for you and Masana!