Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fabião....True Joy.

Saturday we took 12 year old Fabião back home. When we first arrived at the house, none of the family was there. Some neighbors tried to phone them as we waited. Fabião's mother, on her way home from the farm, ran into a neighbor as she headed up the hill towards her house. The neighbor told her she had some visitors...white people. Her first thought was that there was bad news about Fabião. As she arrived at the house, she saw our footprints leading to a neighbor's so she followed them. We were just leaving the neighbor's as she approached.

And what we witnessed next was true joy as mother and son saw each other for the first time in 2 years!!!

It was the most beautiful reintegration I've been a part of!!!

I cried tears of joy as my sweet little Fabião was reunited with his mother.


Jolene Alejandro said...

Such amazing work you do there, it brings tears to my eyes to think about all the families that have so much to thank God for now that they have their sons back!

morgan collins said...

awesome:) just love it.