Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back to School: Janario, Marcus, and Abrantis

Friday we visited 3 boys to make sure they were all set for school. It is rainy season here in Mozambique and it rained so much on Thursday that we had to cancel our visits. So we are a bit behind schedule and having to squeeze more into each day. The rain also makes for interesting driving in the villages around Maputo! I drove through some pretty deep holes/ditches full of water. And I'm no expert on driving in these type of conditions so i just choose a side and drive! Thankfully God protected my car!!!

We were able to get Janario all set to study in grade 3. He is 11 years old and has been off the streets since June. Next was Marcus who is 14 and also returned home in June. He'll be studying in grade 5. Finally was Abrantis...whom I affectionately call "Malouco" (crazy person). Abrantis is 15 and has been home since last February. My first year working at Masana, Abrantis was one of the boys I was closest to. He would wash my car for me every week. Every sunday, he would bring a bag of frozen food to my house and ask to heat it up. He brought me a pet bird named Sarina and then took me on a bird hunt to show me how to catch birds. We had a special bond! Since he went home, he's twice taken me and some friends to a small, almost deserted island near his families house. He's a great kid! This year he'll be studying in the 6th grade.

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