Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reflecting 2

It is so evident to me that God’s hand has been on the financial side of my treatment. I’ve joked with friends that Masana, my ministry in Mozambique, is actually making money off of my cancer! When I first arrived back in the States, I was given a gift towards my medical treatment and told that if I didn’t need it for medical purposes, I could put it towards our project in Mozambique. And I haven’t needed it! God has completely covered my treatments…every doctor’s appointment, scan, surgery, chemo drug, and radiation treatment. Even my flights to and from the States for treatment have been paid for.

I see the hand of God in my team of doctors. God blessed me with a great medical team who have been 100% behind getting me back to Mozambique as soon as possible. They have been so encouraging throughout my treatments. They have taken time to get to know me and to find out more about my ministry in Mozambique. Some of them have even gone back and read my old blog posts. My radiation oncologist connected me with some friends of hers that were preparing for a mission trip to Mozambique just so I could answer any questions they had. One of my radiation nurses has on a few occasions shared with me what she believes God is doing in me during this season. It’s meant so much to have a team of doctors who are truly invested in me!

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