Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Gates of Masana

Most 10 or 11 year olds are like little Selso in this picture above.  Happy.  Carefree.  Full of joy.  Loving life and the opportunity to just be a kid.  This was Selso while he was living at the children's center where I worked in 2008.  Shortly after this photo was taken, he gave into the temptation to return to his old life on the streets of Maputo.  He gave up his opportunity to "just be a kid" and instead returned to his old life of begging on the streets for money, digging through trash dumpsters for scraps of food, scrounging up old clothes or blankets to stay warm at night, seeking for a safe place to where he is hidden from thieves and those who would harm him.

But grown-up Selso (on the right in the photo below) is still happy.  Still carefree.  Still full of joy.  Still loving life. . . for at least 7 hours a day while he is at Masana.  At Masana, we often pray that as boys walk into our gates each morning, that the stresses and problems of life on the streets will be left outside.  For a few hours each day, we try to create an environment where boys like Selso can be happy.  Where they can be carefree as they don't have to worry about where breakfast and lunch will come from that day.  A place where they can be full of joy as the have the chance to let down their guards and "just be a kid."  At Masana, our hope is to see a love for life re-instilled in these precious boys as they learn about the heart of their Father and the plans and purposes He has for their lives.

At Masana, we are grateful for these few hours each day to provide this environment for the boys.  But ultimately, we want Selso and all of the street boys, to leave the streets and return to their families.  We know that that is the best place for them to live the life God has designed for each of them . . .a life that brings joy and happiness for more than just a few hours a day.

Please join us in this daily prayer as the boys enter into the gates of our project.  Pray that Masana would be a place filled with God's peace and joy.  Pray that all of us who work with these boys would be filled with the Father's love to pour out on these boys each day.

And pray for Selso.  Pray for God to move in his heart and place within him a longing for home.  He's been on the streets for more than 5 years.  It's time for him to return home.

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Laura said...

Sarah this is so exciting! Just ten minutes ago, I saw a photo on Alexis' page and asked, is that boy's name Selso? And then I wanted to catch up on blog reading and found this post of yours! Wonderful! For so many years, he wouldn't even go to Masana, and now he looks so wonderful. The last time I saw him he literally looked like a wild animal. I am so happy to know he's going to Masana and pray it's just a step away to home! Love you!