Friday, July 26, 2013

Superheroes of the Bible

A few months ago, we started dividing up the younger and older boys of Masana a couple of times a week for our church services.  It has been so much fun!  Myself and the other girl missionaries have been rotating teaching the younger boys.  It's so much to come up with creative lessons ideas when we have just the little guys.  We spent a few weeks teaching on the fruits of the Spirit and now we've moved onto superheroes of the Bible.  

The boys have been so captivated by the stories of "superheroes!"  We've covered Samson and his great strength, Noah who cared for all the animals, David who killed the giant with rocks, Jonah who survived in the belly of a whale, Daniel who entered the lion pit and survived, Moses who showed the power of God in freeing His people, and Gideon who defeated the enemy with torches, trumpets, and glass jars.  

Each day, we chose one boy to put the superhero letter on  his chest and a cape on his back as we tell the story of another hero of the Bible.  It's amazing how attentive the boys are to the stories that most of us have grown up hearing.  And every day, I am impressed by their ability to remember the stories as we review the chest emblems!  

Please be praying for our precious little boys as we continue to teach them about the power of God and how He still does amazing things even with ordinary boys like them!

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