Saturday, July 19, 2014


I've been very absent lately from the blog world....perhaps because life is feeling very routine these days.  Wake up, get Melina ready, go to Masana, spend the day with the street boys, go home, clean some while Melina naps, bathe her, cook, put Melina to bed, enjoy a couple of hours relaxing and catching up with Roberto, sleep.  Then do it all again.

The life of a missionary is suppose to be exciting and full of adventure.  Living in another country.  Speaking a foreign language.  Interacting with the locals.  Learning a new culture.  And usually it is....but right now, I find myself tired of thinking in Portuguese all the time.  Tired of getting ripped off on produce because I'm white.  Tired of not being able to communicate all that I want to communicate because I just don't know the vocabulary.

Life is feeling routine.  And I want more than just routine.

I recently read an article on Relevant Magazine's website that challenged me :

"When we wake up daily with a full awareness of how powerful God is and how deeply He loves us, the ordinary becomes saturated with life. And it is wild.
It’s wild because not only do we breathe in and out under this perspective of God’s sovereignty, but we also remember that this incredible God invites us into the enormous story He is writing."
I want to wake up daily fully aware of the powerful God I serve and how deeply He loves me!!!  I want to see His love in the eyes of Roberto and Melina and my Masana family.  I know it's there.  I just need eyes to see.  God has invited me into an enormous story He is writing here in my little corner of Maputo, Mozambique.  It's a story of serving alongside my husband and raising my daughter in an environment surrounded by the poorest of the poor.  Its a story of sitting in the dirt with dirty kids.  Its a story of restoring prodigal sons to their families.

This is no ordinary life I live.
I just have to remember that when it gets to feeling a little too routine.

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Laura said...

Wow, do I know what you mean! I can so relate, you are not alone. I think we sometimes go thru seasons. Hold on to the dreams you have! Love you, you are changing lives!