Monday, December 24, 2007

My New Home

My first week in Mozambique has been incredible! I've really felt the grace of the Lord as I've settled in.  All of the other missionaries have been incredibly welcoming and its been so much fun to reunite with the kids that i love so much!  
Sadly, my roommate, Inga, is moving back to Germany the day after Christmas.  All of the female missionaries spent time praying over her last night and I was really touched by some of the words they shared with her.  They spoke about how perfect the timing was of her arrival and how they had prayed for someone like her to come and pour into the girls here at the center in the specific ways she has.  I was reminded of Esther being set apart for such a time as this...called away from her family to live in the palace so that she might save her people.  I don' fully know what me "job" here at Iris will look like but I believe that I have been called here for such a time as this.     
One of my favorite authors, Erwin McManus, says, "home is ultimately not about a place to live but about the people with yom you are most fully alive.  Home is about love, relationship, community, and belonging and we are all searching for home."  I believe I am home.

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Holly said...

the logo looks great, i can't wait to see it and YOU in person!!