Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Trip to Xai Xai

Last Friday, we took Antonio and Leonel back to their homes in Xai Xai, a city about 3 hours away from Maputo. Leonel is living with his mom. We spoke to the director of the school near his house and arranged for him to register there this week. Normally, we would have done all of that ourselves but because it is so far away, we've left it to Leonel and his mom. Leonel was so happy to go home. He was all smiles the entire day!!!

The circumstances with Antonio's family have changed a bit since our visit in March. At the time his older brother, Luis, was living with their mom. Their mom has since kicked Luis and his wife out. They were able to rent a house and have happily takin in Antonio. Actually, I think this is a much better situation for Antonio as he and his mother do not get along and I was worried he was not going to make it long in her house. Antonio has now moved in with his brother. We bought him a small cooler and some canned drinks that he will begin selling on the beach.

Please keep Leonel and Antonio in your prayers as they adjust to life back at home. It is hard for them to go from the freedom on the street to the responsibilities of work, school, and family life. Pray that they know the blessing that their families are!!!

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