Monday, April 27, 2009


We are currently trying to help Castigo get back home. He is 15 years old. His family lives about 3 hours from Maputo. His father has passed away but his mom and 2 siblings are at home. He came to the city in February to look for work. He was unable to find any and since he knew no one was forced to live on the street. Praise the Lord for bringing Castigo to Masana so that we can help him get back home!!!

This past Friday, we took 2 other boys back home. Castigo went with us so that we could visit his family on the way back to Maputo. We spent 3 hours driving around and were not able to find his house. When he came to the city in search of work, it was his first time ever really leaving home. It was dark when he left home and he does not remember how to get back. We drove around until dusk then began the 2 hour drive back to Maputo. Unfortunately, that means Castigo is still living on the street. In a couple of weeks, we'll take him back and try again to find his home.

Please pray for wisdom as we try to figure out how to find Castigo's family.

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Mana Laura said...

Hi Sarah!
Do you know Castigo means discipline? As in punishment? At least I know "castigar" means that so I'm sure Castigo is a form of the word. Perhaps "a punishment." That is so sad! I pray that he will be free from this terrible name and that you'll find his home!