Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bird Catching

Today some of the boys met me at my house at 9:00 in the morning and off we went to the bush so that they could show me how they caught the little bird they had given me a couple of weeks ago. We drove about 30 minutes from the city. Our first stop was this tree:

The boys climbed up the tree and picked berries.
Here is Ernesto with his berries. Inside is a white substance.
They put the white substance in their mouths and chewed it up. Then they stuck it on the ends of sticks. Once mixed with saliva, it becomes sticky like a glue.
Then we drove to another area where there were lots of masala trees. Ernesto climbed up to the top and tied the sticks with the berry glue onto the highest branches.
Then we all hung out in this tree and waited for a bird to land on the stick and get stuck in the berry glue.
Here is the first bird we caught!
It was a cute little bird with bright yellow feathers.
Abrantis poured water into a bottle cap for the little bird to drink some.
Jito got the second bird. He tried to feed it some berries.

And that is how you catch a bird in the bush. I have seen people selling the birds on the street. Not sure who buys them or what they do with them but now I know how to catch them!


man of constant sorrow said...

Great Story!

Dayna said...

Sarah, you're amazing! What a fun story!

Anonymous said...

sorry to say ,but it is iligal for these kids to catch birds like that and to sell them on the street