Sunday, September 27, 2009


Just a quick funny story from my day:

Here in Mozambique, we occasionally take pills to kill any worms that might be in the stomach due to food eaten. The Ministry of Health gathered together street kids this past Thursday and gave all of them these pills.

One of my boys, Felix, who is quite the animated one, just told me "esta a sair uma cobra." In English that means, "there is a snake coming out." One of his friends showed me with his hands how big the "cobra" was and another of his friends began to reenact how the "cobra" was coming out. They then offered to take me and show me where Felix has gone to the bathroom so that I could see the "cobra."

I declined the offer.

But oh how I love these boys!


SGU said...

That was so funny. Street kids have the best sense of humor don't they?

davidandcarolyn said...

YES!! Sounds just like a Wesley story from the party stall...

mana chuabo said...

Your narration was very true.Due to various reasons there are lots of worms in the stomach.I know of few cases in Maputo the intestine was choc a block really with worms and had to be removed surgically.Anyhow you have got a golden heart,please carry on what ever you could do for poor kids.