Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Masana's New Home

After 3 months of working to get the property ready, Masana has finally moved to its new house! The new area is complete with 2 separate classrooms, a kitchen, a shelter for meals and church services, showers, a station for washing clothes, and a room for temporary housing.

On MOnday, we had a party to celebrate Masana's new home! A couple of the leaders from the community came and gave speeches welcoming Masana to the neighborhood. We were a bit worried about how the transition would go as its a bit farther for the boys to walk each day. But it hasn't even been an issue as we've had over 25 boys each day so far this week!!! Now we just need a bigger pot for cooking rice to feed that many!!!

a group shot of all the masana workers and boys along with the community leaders that came to welcome masana to the neighborhood.

the classroom used for the first level of education. these boys are learning to read and write.

this is the shelter where we eat meals together and have our church service each day.

this is the classroom for our upper level adult literacy students.

the kitchen with a rooftop patio above. we used the fire pit up there to grill chickens for the party.


sebren said...

Are you trying to get me back over for a visit or something? All these changes just make my spirit leap and make me feel like I need to see the changes for myself.

Lauren said...

I just cried my eyes out!!!! This is the most amazing thing. So stoked to be a part of what God is doing over there!

Melissa said...

Praise the Lord for all you do. This is so incredible! I am blown away as I see the Lord's provision and the intricacies of His plan! =)

Shannon said...

Congrats Masana Team!!... WOW, the changes look amazing - i really can't wait for another opportunity to come be a part of the HUGE things God is doing thru you guys! :-)

amay said...

This is awesome Sarah! I am so excited about what the Lord is doing there in Africa!
grace and peace to you!

George said...

Am really coming back next time La' is looks amazing!!

Gud job for tia sarah...a virtuos woman of God!!


Sprinkles' and Popsicle's Mom said...

Sarah - I remember back when I questioned why you didn't get into Education Program. I remember thinking that there was no other career choice for you except education. I remember feeling so sorry for you because I KNEW education and children were your passion. I loved reading your latest blog - I think back to that time when I questioned God - man, He sure knows what HE'S doing. Love you and you amaze me beyond words. R Hill

Kelli said...

This makes me so excited! I can't wait to be there!!