Saturday, May 29, 2010


if you've followed my blog for long or heard me share stories about life in mozambique, you've probably heard me mention gaspar and zacarius. they are brothers and were teh first 2 street kids i ever met. they became a huge part of my testimony and calling to work with street kids. sadly, i write this blog with bad news. their mother, lena, passed away friday. she was 6 months pregnant and died of complications related to the pregnancy.

this afternoon when i got home, gaspar and zacarius were at my house. they had tears in their eyes and told me their mother had died. i thought they had to be confused. manuel and nelson, 2 of my friends, had just spoken to her the day before. thankfully, manuel and nelson were with me so they talked to the boys and then we jumped in the car with my housemmate, ian, and went to matola to speak to the family.

gaspar, zacarius, and matilda (their 13 year old sister) ended up coming home with me to stay at my house a night or two while the family figures out what to do about the funeral. sadly, it did not seem to be anyone's priority to look after these kids. a friend of mine is going to let me use her car tomorrow so that i can take the kids to get some clothes and then back to matola to check in with the family. lena's parents are living and so are some brothers and sisters so i'm really praying they will take in these 3 kids.

the boys and matilda seem to be doing okay. i think them staying here with me is a good distraction. they've just enjoyed watching tom and jerry cartoons and have laughed a lot. please keep them in your prayers these next few days. . . and me. life in Africa is so harsh.

Lena and her 4 precious children.


Gregg Hampton said...

that cuts to the core Sarah... i remember the first video we made about your work there and they were in it. i will definitely be praying for them and you in this. let me know how i might be able to help.

Melissa said...

Oh, I'm so very very sorry, Sarah. Will pray for wisdom & endurance for you as you grieve Lena and as you love those precious children.

sebren said...

I can see myself outside her little house and remember the joy there was as we held church for the children. What a sweet spirit Lena had while we were there visited.

Morgan Collins said...

Oh, Sarah, this makes me so sad. Praying for all of you! Please let us know if there's something we can do.

amay said...

i went to more funerals my year in Africa then i have in my whole life combined. i pray that the God of all strength and comfort would give you wisdom and peace.

joven said...

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