Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A New Car!!!

A little over 3 weeks ago, i had the frustrating experience of my car breaking down while on a sand road only accessible with 4x4 and about 3 hours from the city where i live. 9 hours later we finally made it home with my car in tow.

Since then, i have been amazed as i've watched God provide! My family and friends in the States and other parts of the world began praying and giving. God also put me in contact with an amazing family involved with the U.S. government here in Mozambique who was preparing to leave the country. They had a beautiful car that was perfect for my ministry needs. So i began praying for it. With the car, we discovered there were some taxes involved in switching it from diplomatic status to normal registration. the owner of the car was expecting it to be around $1000 in taxes and had told me he and his wife would pay up to $1000 if i could make up the balance. the family was also amazing in working out a payment plan with me in which i have til jan. 1 to pay the total amount.

friday he called me with the shocking and sad news that the taxes would be $8000! i was so disappointed. he and his wife really wanted me to have the car so they had talked and prayed and agreed to pay $4000 of the taxes if i could cover the rest. i told him i couldn't do it as it would put the cost of the car out of my budget. so i gave up on getting their car and started looking at classifieds again.

sunday, the owner of the car texted me and asked me to come by their house. they had prayed about it more and still felt like i was suppose to have the car. they decided that i could "borrow" the car til september when the taxes owed would drop to $5000 then they will pay that amount as a gift to me. then he gave me all the documents and the keys! and the car is mine!!!

thank you all so much for helping me raise the money for this car! i still need a few thousand dollars more by january 1st so please keep praying and give if you are able (go to www.theunveiledfaces.org to give).

i pray this blog is a reminder of God's faithfulness. He loves to give good gifts to His children!


Jessica said...

That is so wonderful! David at the Vine has been sharing your story with us, and I'm so happy you have a car now for your ministry. Sending more prayers your way!

Pedro Garcia Millan said...
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