Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Change Is Coming

Roberto and I the day we signed the lease on our apartment

A little over 2 years ago, Roberto and I signed a lease on our first apartment where we have lived for the first years of our marriage.  It's been an amazing little place full of many happy memories for both of us - dinners with family and friends, Sunday afternoon lunches with reintegrated boys, video games with the boys, Melina's first year of life, afternoons with Felix.  We have been so grateful for these 2 years on our own as a family.  But now change is coming.  October will be our last month in our little apartment.  We'll be packing everything up and moving 2 blocks down the Masana.  

In July of next year, Ian, one of the other missionaries who works with Masana, will be returning to the States for grad school.  Ian has lived at Masana since 2010 and taken such great care of both the boys who call Masana home permanently and those who spend a short time living at Masana as they transition back to their own families.  Roberto and I will be stepping in to fill that role while Ian is away.  We've decided to go ahead and move in to the Masana house in January, when we return from the States with our new baby girl, so that we have 6 months to learn everything we need to from Ian. 

Roberto and I are so excited for this new season ahead of us and we ask for your prayers as we make this transition.  We are praying that God will use our family to impact the lives of the boys who live at Masana permanently as well as those who pass through for a short time.  We are so excited that God has opened this door for us to be more hands on with Masana and we look forward to serving Him as we serve the boys.

the Masana house

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