Monday, December 29, 2014

Welcome Maya!

Maya Fé Mondlane

Roberto and I are so excited to announce the birth of our daughter, Maya Fé Mondlane.  She was born on December 16.  Maya is a Hebrew name meaning "close to God" and Fé (pronounced "Fay") is the Portuguese word for "faith."  We pray that our precious girl will be just that....close to God and full of faith.

We are still in the States as I continue to recover from the c-section and other procedure that was done.  We have begun the process of getting Maya's documents and ask that you join us in praying for all to go smoothly.  With the help of some dear friends, we got her birth certificate very quickly.  We will go this week to the passport agency in Atlanta for an expedited passport.  Then the final step is to send her passport to Washington DC to the Mozambican embassy for a visa.  If all goes well, we should get her passport back 3 or 4 days before we return to Mozambique.  Not much room for delays...hence prayers needed :-)

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