Sunday, August 7, 2016

Always Give Yourselves Fully

I've found myself disheartened lately....tired of pouring myself out for boys who don't seem to want our help.

In June, a boy who lived with us for almost a month was set to return to his family who lives about 6 hours north of the city.  The night before we were to leave, he stole money from our house and disappeared.  To this day, we don't know where he is.

A young boy who is very sick has been living with us for 2 months now.  Last week he left for his daily trip to the health center for medication and never came back.  Roberto and I spent 2 days searching for him before we found him and brought him back to Masana.  When we questioned him about why he'd run away, all we got were blank stares.

Another young man was staying with us for the past 2 weeks because he'd been hit by a car.  He decided he didn't want to stay in the hospital after his accident so he paid a taxi to drop him off outside of Masana.  When we returned from church 2 Sunday's ago, there he was on the sidewalk outside of our home with a cast on both his arm and his leg.  Roberto and the boys who live here with us had to carry this young man around for 2 the bathroom, to his bedroom, to the living room.  He was completely dependent on us.  After a few talks, he agreed to go to his grandmothers house which is 3 hours north of the city.  The night before we were to take him home, he disappeared.

You see how easy it is to feel disheartened?  We give so much of ourselves.  Roberto has spent countless hours at the hospital with these boys.  We've opened our home to them.  We've given them clothes and food.  Yet it seems to be in vain.  They run away despite all we've done for them.

"Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm.  Let nothing move you.  Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain."  1 Corinthians 15:58

This morning I skipped church and stayed home alone.  I needed time to process through these disappointments.  And this is the verse God has put on my heart.

Stand firm.

Let nothing move you.

ALWAYS give yourselves fully.

Your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

ALWAYS give yourselves fully.  ALWAYS....that's the calling Roberto and I have accepted as we pour ourselves out day after day here at Masana.  Even when we find ourselves disappointed by the boys, we will choose to ALWAYS give ourselves fully.  And we will believe that our labor is not in vain.  We will believe that the Lord is planting seeds in the hearts of these boys...even the ones who run away from us.  And despite the disappointments, we will thank God that He uses us to pour out His love on these boys.  We will stand firm.


Unknown said...

Praying the Lord refreshes you. Your commitment to His work and those boys is outstanding and you

Unknown said...

Also... Luis and diego and i pray for you guys often

Layne Heller said...

Love you, friend! So happy the Lord takes us aside and refreshes our souls... those raw deep emotions. I am glad that somehow He trades our wearied self and replaces it with vision and compassion. I am thankful for you and ROberto, your surrender to Him and the difference that makes