Sunday, August 14, 2016

Not My Story to Tell

This is Luis.  He has lived on the streets of Maputo for too many years.  I've started to type his story 4 or 5 times but keep hitting's just not my story to tell.   Luis' story is one of suffering.  He's endured far more than any 16 year old should have endured.  But when I look at photos of him with Melina and Maya, all I see is joy.

He's had a hard life but he hasn't been hardened by it.

Luis is finally close to leaving the streets behind.  Because of some health issues, he's been living with us here at Masana for the past 6 or 7 weeks.  At first we were searching for alternatives for him in terms of where he could live...a children's center or perhaps the home Roberto and I have built for some other former street boys, or maybe with an extended family member or a foster family.  But in the end, we have decided the best place for him is with his mother, step-father and 2 small sisters.  He's spent weekends with them for the past month and now is there for a week.  If all goes well with this visit, we think he'll be ready to return home for good.

Would you pray for Luis?  Pray for him as he makes this transition from the streets back to his family.  Pray that he would stay this time...that he would never again return to the streets.  Pray for his health.  Pray that his family will be able to give him the care he needs.  Pray that he will know that he is loved....not only by his actual family but by his family here at Masana and, most importantly, by his Father in heaven.  He is loved.

God sets the lonely in family.
Psalm 68:6

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