Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stopping For The One

"Love the one in front of you and God will multiply that love."
-Heidi Baker
My prayer each day here in Mozambique is that the Lord will show me one person that i am to stop for. . . one child that I am to intentionally love.  Can you imagine how powerful it would be if all of us lived that way?  If all of us began each day asking the Lord to show us one person we could love at our school or at our work or at the grocery store?  The love of the Father would multiply so rapidly!!!! 

Heidi Baker, the founder of Iris Ministries, has built this ministry upon the principal of stopping for the one in front you.  Today there are thousands and thousands of children cared for all over Mozambique and other African nations.  Its not just the missionaries caring for the children either. Mozambican pastors are taking in orphans and caring for them because they've seen the power of love!  It's an incredible thing!!!


jonathan, kristin, josiah, benjamin said...

thanks for the encouragement to be intentional about loving others. so fun to see your blog and what you are up to. may God bless your ministry.

holly said...

i love this friend.

Genia said...


This is Genia from Sanctuary. Your mom and dad work w/my youngest son and Shane and Gretchen are working with my oldest son and girlfriend.
You are such a blessing to these children, all of you there are. I am so proud to see people caring so much. You inspire me everytime I read your blog.

It is amazing to me to see such obedience to God's calling. Please keep up your awesome strength and encouragement.

I pray God continues to bless you and everyone there!!!

Love in Christ

Catherine Spearman said...

He's playing with your homies!