Monday, January 14, 2008

My New Roomate

If you take a good look at this picture, you'll see shredded notebook paper in my tennis shoes.  This is where my new roommate hoped to reside.....a mouse!!!!  But upon discovery of his new home, i quickly evicted him and took back possession of my shoes!!!!  Sadly, he also found my reese's pieces that my friend deanna gave me before i left the states.  i think he only ate one though and you better believe i'll still be eating the rest of them....can't buy reese's here!!!!!


jenny said...

peanut butter... yum

PATTY007 said...

Sara, I am so proud of you for kicking that dirty rat out of OUR house!! How dare he?? The same thing happened to me in Mozambique when he ate my Catbury chocolate bar!! I ran after the mouse with a huge rock but couldn't kill the sucker!!Anyway, keep the faith sister:) Love and miss you!!

PATTY007 said...

Oh yeah, you go right ahead and eat the rest of that reese's!! You have my blessing. Pray over it and slap some anointing oil on it and it should be ok :))