Friday, March 21, 2008

Pray for our Babies!


We have had a lot of sickness here at the center this week and your prayers are needed! Our baby house has been hit the hardest.  Last night a little baby named Irene died.  She had malaria and was being treated but it worsened very quickly.  Tracie, the director of the baby house and Jannie, the nurse over the baby house, were rushing her to the hospital but she died on the way.  Today, that same nurse has had to take another baby, Niamias, to the hospital.  He has also been battling malaria and is not doing well.  On top of the malaria, a large number of the babies have had diarrhea for the last few days and they can not figure out the cause.  They decided this morning to shut the doors to the baby house this morning for 48 hours to limit the number of people coming in and out until the babies are healthy again.

Please pray for the health of our babies and for the missionaries (Tracie, Neil and Hilda), nurses (Jannie) and Mozambican workers who are pouring themselves into these babies right now.  Pray specifically for Niamias who is battling malaria.

Thank you!

update:  Neimias was treated for dehydration and sent back to the center.  This morning (Saturday), his temperature rose to 106 degrees and his breathing slowed to the point that oxygen was required.  He was rushed back to the hospital and is in icu.

monday update:  Neimias has gotten worse.  He is now in a coma and in the highest priority icu.  Please continue to cover him in prayer!!!!  There are still 5 or 6 other babies that are sick.  Tomorrow morning, they will be isolated in the clinic until all symptoms are gone.  2 more babies were diagnosed with malaria today.  Keep praying for all of the babies!!!!

friday update:  Today Neimias was moved to a normal room in the hospital!  He has come out of the coma and is even able to drink milk without a feeding tube!!!!  Please keep praying...we want to see COMPLETE RESTORATION of his little body!!!!!  Please also pray for Thabo, who I've written about before.  He has fluid around his heart and is in a great deal of pain. 


Wally said...

I find it interesting that you posted this news on Good Friday, the day our Lord died. To borrow a quote from a former pastor of mine: "Today is Friday, but Sunday is coming!"

Today, I lifted all of you up by name and asked God to show you the new life promise of Easter!

Be encouraged, and keep the faith! Tomorrow we can all say: "Christ is Risen!"

A friend in Lawrenceville, GA

worshipdesign@thevine said...

Sarah, I'm praying that the Lord will provide full healing and wholeness for these babies...please keep us updated. Thinking of you often ---
Rebecca Moon

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intense_fragility said...

my heart just aches for you all... more people than you even know are praying for you all right now... His mercies are new every morning