Sunday, March 9, 2008


For in you the fatherless find compassion.  “I will heal their waywardness and love them freely.”      Hosea 14:3-4

Back in January, I wrote a blog about a young boy named Selso who had run away from the center.  We had found him in the city during street ministry and brought him back to the center against his will.  Just wanted to give a quick update on him.

Selso has since moved into my dorm and is doing great!  He is one of the sweetest boys!!  I took him and some other boys to the pool recently.  It was incredible to watch him playing and to see so much joy on his face!  I was flooded with memories of the night we brought him back from the street literally kicking and screaming.  I can’t fathom why one of our kids would choose to leave the center.  Here they have a bed to sleep in at night, 3 meals a day, school, and a huge family made up of other kids, Mozambican men and women, and missionaries.  What does the street have to offer?  A dark ally to sleep in?  Begging for scraps of food?  Selso was not meant to live like that!  No one is! 

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  A perfect picture of the prodigal son. 

So many of us choose to live apart from our Father because we think the world has more to offer.  Eventually we end up disappointed because the love we search for in the world isn’t good enough.  Although God would never force us back kicking and screaming, He is there ready to heal our waywardness and love us freely!!!  

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