Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vai Tomar Um Banho (Go Take a Bath)

The funniest part of the day at Masana is around 11:00 each day. We have just finished the reading, writing, and mathematics lessons and move into a time of games. Everyday, we play the same card game . . . cinco cartas (5 cards). The game is pretty normal for about 15 minutes. Then Luis, one of the other workers, tells the boys that the next person to lose has to go take a shower. And suddenly the pressure is on because no one wants to take a shower!!!

One by one we each go out of the game. As it gets down to the last 2 boys, Luis gets close so that he can grab the loser before he runs away. The game ends and all the boys begin screaming “vai tomar um banho! Vai tomar um banho!” Almost without fail, the boy who lost will try to run away. Luis and another boy will pick him up by his arms and legs and carry him back to the bathroom. It’s the funniest sight and I get to witness it 7 or 8 times each day!!! I’ll have to try and capture it on video one day to share with all of y'all!!!

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Jeffrey Waters said...

I want to see the video!!