Friday, February 20, 2009

A - E - I - O - U

Each day at Masana, we have school for the boys. They are divided up into 2 groups based on how well they can already read and write. The more advanced group is made up of about 4 boys. That leaves about 10 boys who, for the most part, cannot read or write. Some of the boys know the alphabet and some do not. There is only one teacher working with this group and since the boys are at varying levels, it’s hard to really work with the ones who have never seen the alphabet before. So I am going to start working with one or two of them more one-on-one.

A couple of the missionaries at the Iris center have put together worksheets to use when teaching kids to read portuguese. I am going to start using some of them next week. Other than that, I am pretty clueless as to how to teach kids to read so if anyone has any advise, I’d love to hear it!!!

Please pray for the boys as we try to teach them to read and write and do basic math. These are such important skills that they need.


Julie Sanchez said...

I don't know if this is of any help to you, because I don't know what it is like teaching ESL (eanglish as a second language), but we only use WRTR otherwise known as Writing Road to Reading as our reading/writing/spelling/literature curriculum. In my very humbe opinion I don't believe that there is any better way to teach reading. It is a very hard concept to grasp as the teacher until you have read the book twice. The program is used with dyslexic students in public schools as well as with adults that somehow "missed" the whole reading and spelling thing in school. It's weird to think that 20% or so of people are waling around not knowing how to read the bathroom signs. Weird huh? Well, I'll get down off of my soap box, but if you want to get the book in order to learn how to teach it I would be happy to pay for it as well as a teacher's manual (I will rally some of my church to pay for the TM) I would suggest that you start ALL of the boys back at the beginning and build a strong base. My husband and I are called to long term missions. We will be in Africa when we raise the funds for our airfare (we have 3 children, so this is extremely expensive). I wish that I would be over there sooner and I would be happy to teach you how to teach them.
Wow! This ended up waaaay longer than I thought that it would.

skoots1mom said...

i've put a note on my blog that links back to you...I blog with a lot of christian women who are homeschooling moms. They have multiple age groups and I'm hoping they'll be contacting you...praying Jesus preveniently goes before and provides lots of ideas and information for you!
Praying this finds you healthy and resting when you can...I know you've got lots on your plate.

Atmam said...

hi Sarah,
Well, if the kids know to read portugese well, then ask the teachers' help to write the english words in protuguese for u. With that you can teach the kids really fast. Its kind of association and learning from it. (The only challenge is the kids shud know atleast portuguese well)
I hope this helps u :)