Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Corey and Paito

From time to time, we get some visitors at the Kunhymela House. Some come for a couple of nights and some stay for a couple of months. Since late July, we've had Corey, a university student from Oregon, staying with us. He is really gifted in carpentry and has completed a few projects for us around the house including some more beds. One of the street boys, Paito, has become Corey's assistant. Its such a blessing when a visitor is able to teach the boys something valuable like carpentry.

Thanks Corey for taking time to teach Paito....you may think of him as just someone to assist you with your projects but the time that you are investing in him is helping him to see the value he has in God's eyes. And that's our purpose in being here in Mozambique with these precious boys.