Monday, September 13, 2010

Fabiao: Revisited

A few weeks ago, we did our first follow up visit with Fabiao. If you haven't read about his reintegration yet, you should check out that post. It was the most joyful reintegration yet!!!

He is doing really well at home. His family wanted to treat us to a meal as a thank you for all that we did to help their son. We had told them what time we'd be arriving, in hopes that they would have the meal prepared already. But of course that didn't happen. His mom insisted that they had to catch the chicken and kill it while we were there so that we knew they were serving us fresh food and not leftovers! Here is Fabiao and Nelson, another Masana boy, with the chicken:

While the women prepared the meal, Fabiao was able to try on all of the clothes we had brought him. He insisted that I take a picture of him in every outfit. I had prepared a notebook for him to continue learning to read and write so I was able to go through it with him and his older sister so that she could help him. Fabiao also blessed me with a gift...a mat that he had made for me. Here is Fabiao in one of his new outfits:

Finally the food was done and we were served. This is always a bit awkward for me because custom here in Mozambique is that guests are served and everyone else watches us eat. After the meal, we all gathered in their house so that the rest of the family could see the clothes, blankets, and other things we had brought for Fabiao. Fabiao's mom was so excited that she stood up and started dancing and singing. She is seriously one of the most joyful women I have met in Mozambique!!! Here is Fabiao with his family (the mat they are sitting on is the one Fabiao made for me!):

After a great time celebrating with this family, we made the 3 hour drive back to Maputo. We will be back in Xai Xai, where Fabiao lives in a couple of weeks which means we'll get to visit again! It is always a blessing being a part of seeing families restored!

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