Friday, September 17, 2010

Reintegration: Luis

Today we took Luis back to his family. He had been on the streets of Maputo for a few months. He is one of the sweetest most respectful boys at Masana. I never heard anyone say anything bad about him or things he had done. His family is in a rural area near Maputo. We took a ferry across the bay and then a chapa (local mini bus) to his house. We walked the last 15 minutes to his house. All along the way, neighbors would call out, "Luis" as we passed by. They were all so excited to see him back!!!

Luis had left home a few months ago after getting into some trouble with some of his neighbors. He and some friends had stolen a chicken from a neighbor and eaten it. For whatever reason, Luis decided to run away rather than be punished. We had a good talk with him about being careful about the friends he chose to spend his time with.

We'll return to visit Luis in a few weeks. At that time, we'll take him clothes, blankets, and a few other basic necessities. We'll also help him start up a small business. He and his mom are talking about the possibility of starting a chicken business where they raise chickens both for eggs and to sale. I am really excited about this possibility as it is a business that can keep its self running as long as the chicken's are taken care of. We're going to do some investigating on the start up cost of this. If its not way out of our normal budget I think it could be a great one to try out! And Luis can replace the chicken he stole from his neighbor!!!

Please be praying for Luis in these next few days as he readjusts to life at home. Pray that he may be overwhelmed by the love of his family and neighbors. Pray also that he will find a church near his house that he can get connected to.

Another son is back home tonight!!!

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