Monday, March 16, 2009


At Masana, we have been interviewing the boys to find out their stories - what their family situation is and why they are living on the streets. Now we have begun visiting their homes and trying to connect with their families.

Last Friday, we visited the family of a boy named Aderito. He is 13 years old. Aderito's mom lives in South Africa but he does not know her. His father lives near Maputo. He has a new wife and she does not care for Aderito. This is very common here in Mozambique - a man or woman will remarry and the new spouse will not want to take care of the children from another marriage.

Aderito has grandparents and an aunt who live near the city as well and they are happy for him to live with them. We visited a nearby school and spoke to the director. He is going to allow Aderito to begin classes now which is a blessing because normally new students have to wait until the new semester to start classes. Just today, we were able to make contact with Aderito's father. He is the one that has Aderito's official documents that he will need to start school. The father is supposed to come to Masana tomorrow to meet with us. If all goes well, we will have Aderito off the streets and in his grandparent's home by the end of the week!!!

There are a few things that we must organize for Aderito - some clothes, school fees and supplies, a bed and blankets for his grandparent's house, and a small business so that Aderito can have some income, therefore eliminating the need to return to the streets and beg/work for money. We need about $300 right now. This does not include the expenses to start up a business. The plan is to get Aderito moved into his grandparent's house and started in school. After a couple of weeks, we'll look at helping him start a business.

Please pray for Aderito. Pray that his father will meet with us and provide the documents needed for him to start school. Pray for his transition off the street and into the community. Pray that he would feel loved and welcome in his new home. I have begun looking for individuals or small groups in the States to sponsor the boys as we reintegrate them - pray that we find a sponsor for Aderito.


skoots1mom said...

will be in prayer about find some support...

sebren said...

I am having a meeting today with Pastor David to see what he thinks about the dreams I have been dreaming about sponsorship for getting the kids off the streets. Can't wait to share with you.