Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lena's Shop

I went out to Matola this afternoon to check on Lena and the kids (Zacarius, Matilda, and Dudu). Lena's shop is doing okay. She has had a little over a week to determine what products are and are not selling. The type of rice we bought her is not the kind people like so they are only buying it if it's an emergency. Her top seller? Packets of chicken stock. In two weeks, I'm going to take her shopping with me and let her choose the products people will want as well as bargain a bit on the prices. Sadly, I always end up paying more for things because I am white. So it will benefit Lena more to do the shopping herself.

Please be praying for Lena and her business. . . that the Lord would really bless her and prosper her so that she can take care of her children.


sebren said...

So praying over this family and can't wait to meet them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sarah! This is Heather Smith from Crosstrainers (although I am now Heather Dunlop). I am enjoying reading your blog; I will definitely be praying. I wanted to comment on something you wrote in "Lena's Shop." Apparently, it is common outside of the US (and maybe outside of Europe, too, but I'm not sure) for white people/Americans to pay more for products than the local people do. My husband and I live in South Korea right now, and it is often the same here -- one price for the Korean Nationals and another (higher) price for everyone else (especially Americans).