Saturday, June 16, 2012

Treasures in the Trash

One of our boys here at Masana has the best luck of finding incredibly cute but silly clothing items as he is out and about on the street. Unfortunitly, part of our boys lives is spent digging through the trash for leftovers, clothes, scraps of metal they can sale, etc. They often show up at Masana with the most random boots, a broken motorbike for toddlers, broom handles, old tires....just randomness.

Oh but Messi! Just look at how cute this kid is in in the treasures he finds in the trash:

The Sylvestor the Cat hat:

Messi showed up with this hat one day and wore it all day, everyday for a week until it disappeared. The day he couldn't find the hat was a sad day....he searched the whole center looking for his "gatinho" (little cat)

And the dinosaur costume:
This one was a great find during our winter months because it's warm! One of our workers was chasing Messi the dinosaur around and accidentally ripped off his tail so I pulled out the needle and thread and poorly attempted to sew the tail back on.

Boys like Messi are why I love Masana!!!! Such innocence trapped in a world of street life. Join me in praying for Messi...for the protection of his innocence as he is surrounded by boys who are stealing, drinking, and doing drugs. Pray for him to reach the place that he is ready to leave the streets and go back home to his family.