Monday, February 8, 2016

Waiting For A Stamp

Our season of transition here at Masana is still just that....transition.  We should have reopened the doors of our center on January 25 ending our season of transition and starting our season of new beginnings.  But instead, we are doing nothing as we wait on a stamp from the government to continue building our classrooms and kitchen.  Our building was suspended 3 weeks ago because the necessary building permits were not ready.  All of our documents and building designs have been submitted.  Our architect goes to the government office every day to check on them.  He's told to be patient....our process is in the office of the 2nd floor and still has to make it up to the 3rd floor office for the boss to give his stamp of approval.  And so we wait....and the 30 something street boys who are waiting with us pop in from time to time to see if there is any news.

Will you pray with us for these documents to receive the necessary stamp so that our building can resume and our center can reopen once again.  Pray that when those 30 something boys come knocking again, we'll have good news for them!