Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Turning My Eyes to Jesus

This morning I woke up feeling nervous...butterflies in my stomach.  And the reason why is quite odd.  It's because, as of today, I have set aside Wednesday mornings to be alone.  From now on, I will leave Masana on Wednesday mornings.  No street boys.  I will leave Melina and Maya with our amazing nanny.  No daughters.  I will leave Roberto to carry on our work at Masana.  No husband.

It's just me.

And that makes me nervous.

It's been a long time since I've intentionally set aside time to be alone.  But its so necessary.  These past few weeks, I've felt like I'm drowning.  I've felt so overwhelmed trying to juggle being a wife and mother and caretaker to 30 boys.  I feel like Peter who stepped out of the boat and started walking towards Jesus.  But somewhere along the way, I, like Peter, took my eyes off of Jesus.  I started looking towards my family and my ministry.  And all of a sudden, I've found myself drowning.

So today I place my eyes back on Jesus.  I reach out my hand and take His.  I put my need for Jesus before my responsibilities with my family and my ministry.  Because I know that I need Jesus to be able to love my family as they deserve to be loved.  I need Jesus to be able to serve the boys of Masana as I long to serve them.  I need Jesus.