Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Year Later...Our Home

In 2016, we had the tiresome task of relocating and rebuilding Masana, our center for street boys. December 1 of 2015, we moved onto a property with a beautiful house for our family and the boys we care for. . . and nothing for our day center.  So we built.  It was not an easy process as we fought for documents and licenses that took months and months to obtain.  But God was faithful and today we have a beautiful house with the perfect set-up for Masana:  a kitchen, a shade with picnic tables, 3 classrooms, a medical room, an office, bathrooms, and a bedroom for temporary housing.  

You see, in the end, our new center is more than we imagined.  We thank God that His ways are higher than ours. Because of the difficulties we had with builders, we ended up with an extra classroom and a bedroom.  The classroom we didn't plan for will accommodate our class for boys who need extra one-on-one instruction....had it not been for the difficulties, these boys would be studying at the picnic tables surrounded by distractions as people enter and exit the center.  Now they have their own classroom.  The bedroom we didn't plan for will house 2 boys entering into a new transitional phase called Exodus that will hopefully be their exit from the street life.

When we found ourselves most frustrated with the process of building, God had greater plans in store.  The new Masana is a testimony to that.