Saturday, December 1, 2012

Begging for Swimming Lessons and A New Life

In case you didn't know, Roberto is a swim instructor at a local sports complex here in the city.  That is actually how we met....i took 4 boys to learn how to swim and Roberto happened to be the trainer there that first day....But that's another story :-)

The boys at Masana have grown to love Roberto and they love the idea of taking swimming lessons with him.  For the boys that live at Masana, I pay for their lessons.  I also pay for 1 boy who has now gone home to take lessons.  But a few boys who are still on the street have decided to save the money they make begging so that they too can take swimming lessons.  Swimming lessons cost 400 mets a month which equals about $14.  Every day, these little ones bring me 10 or 20 mets to save for them until they have enough to start lessons.  

Now every afternoon, I load up the car with 8 boys and head to the pool.  

3 of those 8 still live on the street and pay for their own swimming lessons with money they make on the street.  

Until today.

One of those 3 is going home today.

Erson (also known as Robertino, meaning little Roberto, because he too wanted to marry me) has been on the streets for a couple of years.  He is a GREAT kid.  He helps our cook at Masana every day with washing dishes and things like killing chickens.  He is an amazing example to the youngest boys at our project and he really looks out for them.  Erson's family lives only about 2 miles from our center.  His family loves him and doesn't understand why he doesn't want to live at home.  They have said he is welcome to return whenever he wants.  

During our afternoons together at the swimming pool, I've had the chance to talk to Erson a lot about going home and last week he told me he was ready.  

So today is the day.  

We've worked out a plan that I will pay for Erson to continue with his swimming lessons as long as he is living at home, going to school, and doing well with his family.  Please pray for Erson these first days as he is back home.  Pray that the lure of life on the streets will be removed and that he will love life with his family.  

Praise God for another life transformed....another boy plucked out of the street life and placed back in a family.  Praise God for Erson.