Friday, January 19, 2018

Ever-Growing Group

In January of each year, we have the privilege of gathering together many of the boys that have chosen to leave the streets.  Since 2009, Masana has helped about 140 boys leave behind the street life.  Not all of them succeed at transitioning to life off the streets...some choose to go to South Africa in hopes of a better life.  Others end up in jail.  Some come back to the streets.  But this year, 50 boys that live close to the capital city of Maputo were able to gather together at Masana.  This photo is our ever-growing group of reintegrated boys.

Each of the boys took a minute to share when they left the streets and where they are now.  Some are with their parents.  Others are now fathers with children of their own.  Some are still going to school and others have stopped studying and are trying to work to help their families.  Life isn't easy for them but they are, day-by-day, trying to get by.

This picture is a tangible glimpse at the fruit of our ministry...lives that have truly been transformed by the love of God poured out here at Masana.  Remember these young men in your prayers.

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